Hope County, Montana, USA 17 years after a nuclear war. An unusual post-apocalyptic shooter in the continuation of the Far Cry 5 series. The plot has changed and the game even included a new combat system similar to the was in The Division, the old problems remained and migrated to the new series of the game.

This mod does not change the plot of the game, but adds new features and functions to it. Adds new missions, gives you the opportunity to manage time and change the atmosphere. Fixes some bugs, And much, much more... The mod is constantly evolving. Here is a list of the main options (packages) of the mod, also, you don't have to run them all, just select what you want.


The mod uses a convenient installer to select packages of the mod and install them into the game. The installer is localized for several languages, there is a built-in Help and a brief Wiki of modding terms.

!!! If you want to use the mod, you must have the latest licenced game version (1.0.5) !!!

> 1. Download the zip file from here, unpack it and run FCNDModInstaller.exe.

> 2. The Mod-Installer will try to find the game directory (mostly if you have Uplay or Steam version), but if it will be unsuccessful, then manually find the installation directory of the game, go to the path: bin\ and select the file FCNDModInstaller.exe. So you specify the working folder to the installer.

> 3. Select the required packages in the list (selected packages are marked with a yellow frame and ✓). If the selected package is highlighted in red, it means that there is a package conflict, these packages cannot be enabled in the same time. Click on "Toggle conflicts" button and disable the conflicting packages.

> 4. click the INSTALL button to install the mods.

> 5. Play the game.

Note: Items 1, 2 and 3 must be completed only at the first start of the installer. Backup also your saves! To install third-party or your own author packages, just drag and drop the package file with the extension .a3 onto the installer window. Confirm the installation, do not forget to select it in the list and install. In the section named "Base packages" there are packages which don't change any visible things in the game, these packages are required by another packages. They should be enabled by default.


• Defend Outpost - new mini-mission at outposts
• Remove startup videos and epilepsy warnings
• Time Scale Changer (time is stopped, time transfer by one hour etc.)
• NPC spawner (workaround for hiring a NPC)
• Changes the Highwaymen music
• Disable DOF (depth of field) e.g. on weapons)
• Flashlight toggle. Use the flashlight whenever you want
• Unlocked packs (weapons, outfits, etc...)
• The Highwaymen music at outposts also after an outpost is liberated
• Radio will play also after you leave a car (optionally)
• Unlocked for visiting The Inquisitor's Grave
• Random NPC Weapons
• Removes Prosperity level requirement from Workbench
• Unlocks Eden's Perk, and you won’t have to need to complete the "Joseph's Secret" mission,
It's also workaround for Co-Op, because second player don't receive Eden's Perks
• Removing cyan filter, fog from Deadzones, New Eden compound, prison area (optional)
• Restore New Eden, Tree of Life and show up Mickey's Note after beating the campaign
• Change clouds, color remaps...
• and lot lot lot more...
• There are curenntly no known issues :)
ArmanIII (discovery, data mods, magic)
AOY (big help with mod stuff, some packages, his work is credited in each package, Hebrew language of Mod Installer, Resistance mod page design)
RtroActiv (tools, first program for packing - without him the mod would never have come into being)
The Silver (many packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
MadMaxLis (icons for store items, some packages, her work is credited in each package)
mlleemiles (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
legendhavoc175 (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
wongyuhua (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
ceano (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
VGoth (some packages, his work is credited in each package, Russian language of Mod Installer, description of the mod on its website)
Schrotflinte12 (some packages, his work is credited in each package, German language of Mod Installer and new strings in the game)
xBaebsae (some packages, her work is credited in each package)
AJ (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
Z_ (some packages, her work is credited in each package)
Ganic (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
Nick0Taylor (special ammo damage in the Weapon Editor)
cowlick035 (found where are defined weapon sight params)
FouN (icons for weapons)
Steve64b (Dutch language of Mod Installer)
OWGKID (Norwegian language of Mod Installer)
rengareng, SunBeam, Norway1999, Gibbed, Ekey, mistemitsmit, vbiguine, Adlene.


You can install packages of other authors hosted on Nexus Mods with a link to Scavenger-Mod in Description. You can even try to become a developer and author of packages yourself. Using development tools and documentation. Developers live and communicate on Discord. If you want to help develop the mod (searching in game-files and testing changes in the game, translation of the Mod-Installer into your native language), you can. You'll be listed in the credits.

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